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A Better Alternative to Vistaprint

We’re Stickers and That, we’re growing super fast, produce everything in-house and offer free designs with every order. You can read about us here.

Here we’re going to look into how Stickers and That compares to Vistaprint (a Dutch print outsource company) on a popular printing essential, business cards.

Here, we’ll look into the design, pricing, and service of each. 

Design Service

We’d like to think this is an easy win for us. You’d struggle to find another printing company that offers a free professional design with every order.

But does that mean we’re better? Lets take a look:

StickersAndThat vs. Vistaprint example 1 Stickers and That

First impressions count. What do you think?

A few noted highlights from our design are:
Memorable logo, brand colours repeated, easy to read.

Take a look again to see whether you agree.

Vistaprint's Business Card

Vistaprint doesn’t offer a free design service like ourselves but does offer an online designer which includes many generic templates that you can choose from. For the example above which we searched for a “plumber’s” template to compare to our own.

As you can see, Vistaprint gives space for popular business information but does not include ample room for a logo and has the same design repeated front and back.

Some would say “Does the job, doesn’t it?”

Well not really… As this is not great for your branding. The generic water background does imply that your company works with water/water systems in some way but doesn’t answer any questions and doesn’t give a logo for your customer to recognise. 

So What Did We Do?

By comparison, the Stickers and That design uses brand colours and fonts throughout, has a full logo on the front, and includes the memorable part of the logo on the back too.

At a quick glance on the front of the card, you’d see a logo with a flame, a water droplet, and SPG text made from water pipes… You’d quickly get the idea of a plumber.

On the back, you see popular accreditations and all the important contact information in one section of the card with good contrasting colours to the background making it easy to read. Notably also includes social contacts, which is often a preferred method for many customers in 2022.

We also include an additional call to action (CTA) “Contact Us Today” and a sweetener for using our made-up brand SPG “24 Hour Call Outs”. 

How Much Was The Design?

This is the best part…

You can design your own business card on Vistaprint for free, or you can have your own designed for you from Stickers and That for FREE too with unlimited revisions, we design until its perfect.

Vistaprint does also offer a design service and charges an additional £14.40 for a business card design and limits to 3 revisions only. You can see the quality of their design service in the templates they create. 

Next up, pricing…

Pricing Comparison

The all-important part, how much is it?

To be transparant, both prices were checked and correct as of July 2022, neither company were running any promotion on the product and we picked the “premium” option for Vistaprint’s cards (which is closer to, but still not as thick as the ones we sell).

Stickers and That

100x Business card specifications

  • Thick ~420gsm card
  • Matte laminated both sides
  • Uniquely designed for you, free
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Print proof sent
  • Latest printing technology
£30 inc. VAT + £2.00 post
Free delivery at £50
StickersAndThat vs. Vistaprint example 2 Stickers and That

100x Business card specifications

  • An average 360gsm cards
  • NO lamination
  • Design it yourself, no print proof
  • Outsourced to the cheapest print provider
  • Design service available for +£14.40 (3 revisions)
£31.51 inc. VAT + delivery

Taking all into consideration if you were to order 100x business cards only you’d be spending just 49p more for a thicker, laminated card that is designed for you and dispatched in 5 – 7 working days. 

Better still, as we manage all our own printing, the colour will match when you come to re-order and we can continue your brand themes along to your next items.

That’s why we think we’re the best choice. But not just us…


See how stickers and that compares to vistaprint
Infographic comparing stickers and that to vistaprint

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