Tamper Evident Stickers

Tamper evident stickers are an essential security measure for protecting products from tampering. They are designed to indicate if a package, product, or label has been opened, corrupted, or tampered with. Tamper evident stickers can provide the consumer with peace of mind and provide a reliable indication of the product quality.
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What are Tamper Evident Stickers?

Tamper evident stickers are a type of security seal that provides visible evidence of tampering. They feature adhesives that are tamper-resistant and destroyable when removed. Tamper evident stickers are designed to be very effective in indicating the break in the seal, and tearing them off in any way would permanently dismantle the sticker material. Tamper evident stickers come in various shapes and sizes.

How do Tamper Evident Stickers Work?

Tamper evident stickers work by utilizing adhesives that are resistant to tampering and destructible when removed. The adhesive secures the sticker to the surface and is designed to break apart if subjected to external forces. The breakage of the sticker material would then indicate that the package has been opened or tampered with. Destructible release is an essential property that enhances the tamper evident sticker’s efficiency, and the adhesives provide a secure and reliable way of affixing your branding to a product.


How do tamper evident stickers work?
Our tamper-evident stickers are difficult to remove as they are brittle and will break off before you are able to peel the sticker away. The glue on the vinyl is stronger than the vinyl itself, keeping the sticker intact.

Do they leave VOID marks when removed?
No. They just break off when you try to peel the label, making it very difficult to remove. Arguably, harder to remove and clean than “VOID” stickers.

Can you print metallic colours?
No, currently we are unable to print metallic and shiny tamper evident stickers.

Can you add barcodes to tamper evident stickers?
Yes. We can add variable data to any of our products. Give each sticker a unique barcode, number, or QR code. We work with you.

What are tamper-evident stickers best applied to?
They’re best for sticking to a solid surface, not one that the user can manipulate already.

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Destructive, weatherproof vinyl that’s super sticky for any surface.

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Applications of Tamper Evident Stickers

Tamper evident stickers are versatile and can be used in various industries to prevent tampering and maintain product quality. The following are some applications of tamper evident stickers:

Food and Beverage Industry

Tamper evident stickers are essential in the food and beverage industry. They provide protection against food tampering, which can have severe consequences for consumers’ health. Tamper evident stickers are an integral part of assuring consumers that the product they are consuming is safe and has not been tampered with.


Tamper evident stickers are a crucial component of the pharmaceutical industry. They safeguard products against tampering, which can lead to the contamination of products, inaccurate dosage, and poor treatment. Tamper evident stickers provide added peace of mind for patients because they know the medicine they are taking is authentic and has not been tampered with.


Tamper evident stickers protect valuable electronic products from tampering or theft. They are a reliable way to ensure that products reach their intended destination unharmed.

Government Organizations

Government organizations often use tamper evident stickers to protect sensitive information and documents. Tamper evident stickers help to prevent unauthorized access to information, ensuring sensitive data remains confidential.

Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Tamper Evident Stickers

Temperature and humidity are two crucial factors that can affect the effectiveness of tamper evident stickers. High-temperature environments can reduce the adhesive properties of the sticker, making them less effective. Humidity can also impact the adhesive properties of tamper evident stickers, reducing their strength and durability.