About Stickers and That

Stickers and That are a full design and print service based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We produce all quality printed goods needed to grow your business.

How it Started

We spotted trades online finding it difficult to get good quality designs and print for their business. So we filled the gap, used all our favours from contacts in the plumbing industry, and set up a printer in a spare bedroom. Today, we now span a two-story ~1.5k sq foot office in Chesterfield and have a fantastic team.

Our Mission

Empower trades of any sort with a simple process to improve branding and grow their business.

Why Choose Stickers and That?

There are hundreds of printing companies out there. Unfortunately it’s not always easy as a trade/business owner to get what you need, as you want it.

We take a different approach to other print companies:

We Don't

Our Professional Design Service

We’ve uniquely unrestricting with our free design service with each order.

No matter what you order from Stickers and That, we’ll design it for you and send a digital proof for your approval before we go to production.

You’re free to have as many changes/tweaks/re-designs until you are completely won over with your design.

How can we do this?

We believe that we give the best, unrivaled service 99% of the time (we are human, mistakes have happened before).  For that we see an amazing customer retention rate, we aren’t seeking a quick profit from a single order. We want to be your printing partner and be alongside you as your business grows.

Printing is a unique service, as you expand, even in our digital age, your printing needs do too.

Ordering from a single (good) design and print supplier, gives your business consistent branding throughout all your marketing materials so that you are recognisable and ensures a continuation of quality with anything your customer sees/holds.

And above all, it’s much easier. One place, any print. You know it’s going to be good.

What happens when I order next time?

We keep your logo, designs and print-ready files securely stored on our server ready to go for when you need more of anything.

After you place your next order, you’ll still be offered our free design service, you can have a complete re-design, an adjustment or just go straight to print. It’s your choice. If you need new products, we’ll have your logo, info, and theming saved ready to apply to the new items. 

Can I purchase my designs?

Naturally, as we offer this service for free, we don’t offer out the print-ready files for free. Many times we redraw your logo for you to ensure that the print is perfect and this takes time.

If you’d like to purchase a design file please contact us and we can either quote for the time taken or if you just need a social banner, for example, we can make that for you too.

Let’s get you branded, easily.