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Stickers for Bakes and Cake Boxes

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As a bakery business, you know how crucial packaging can be to your success.

You want your baked goods to stand out on social media or in a store and catch the eye of your customers, enticing them to try your delicious treats.

That’s where customised cake box stickers from Stickers and That come in – they can help you create a professional presentation that showcases your brand while enticing and engaging your customers.

Improve Presentation and Brand Consistency

Your cake box stickers are a part of your marketing effort, and you want them to reflect your brand story. By choosing durable stickers that make an impression even after your customers have eaten your cupcakes, you can achieve consistency across your range and build customer recognition.

Using your logo and brand colours consistently is vital to building your brand. So why not put the cherry on top of your professional presentation with customised cake box stickers?

Showcasing your brand consistently helps you build recognition, makes your branding more memorable and in turn sets you apart from the competition.

A win-win.

Simple & Cheap Brand Awareness

Personalised bakery stickers offer an excellent way to take your standard packaging to a new level.

Attention to detail is critical in building customer loyalty, and stickers are a cost-effective way to get your branding right in front of your customers.

Customised bakery labels that reflect your brand’s personality are a great way to set your baked goods apart.

Creating logo labels with a distinct style embodies your brand and helps you build recognition. It shows your customers that you take pride in your product and that they can trust its quality. Personalised bakery stickers give your customers a visual clue that they can expect quality, consistency and flavour in every bite.

We at StickersAndThat can help you with our free design service, to keep a consistent and effective branding throughout all your printed items.

Custom Envelope Seal Stickers

It’s In The Details

Your packaging needs to be secure enough to transport your baked goods safely and hygienic to keep everything fresh and tasty. But a plain white box may lack visual appeal.

That’s where cake box stickers come in.

You could also add some printed greaseproof paper to the bottom of the box for an extra touch, this is another low cost branding item at bulk quantity.

Infusing attention to detail into every business aspect shows your customers that you care. It can make the difference between generic packaging and a cake box that excites your customers and makes them eager to taste what’s inside.

Whilst also showing how proud you are of the products you supply.

Build A Connection With Your Customer

Your customers are buying your bakes on trust. That they’ll be fresh, tasty and made right.

Your packaging needs to reassure them that they can expect freshness, quality, and flavour.

For example, you can use an eco-friendly sticker to showcase your vegan bakery or locally sourced ingredients, shouting about your USP and using labels to build connection and trust. Your customers want to buy from a business that cares and invests in creating a solid connection and sticks to their values throughout.

At Stickers and That, we offer a free design service where we can help you create the perfect personalised bakery label for your business.

Now let’s get your customer’s engaged.

Stickers for Social Engagement

Branded cake box stickers are not only an excellent way to boost your branding, but they can also help you engage with your customers on social media.

By adding a social handle or hashtag to your stickers, you can prompt your customers to post photos of your bakes on social media and tag your business.

Every business should be doing this. It is SUCH an easy win.

Encouraging your customers to share their experience with your bakery on social media can help you build a loyal following and attract new customers.

By sharing user-generated content on your social media platforms, you can showcase your products and create a sense of community around your brand.

As well as proof that the new customer isn’t the first person to buy this.

We can help you create stickers that will encourage your customers to share their experience with your bakes on social media.

By incorporating customised cake box stickers into your bakery’s branding strategy, you can create a professional presentation that showcases your brand and entices your customers.

QR code stickers

QR Code Stickers for Bakes

In today’s digital age, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular for businesses. They offer an easy and quick way for customers to access information about your bakery, such as your menu, opening hours, and contact details or website.

By incorporating QR codes into your cake box stickers, you can provide your customers with a seamless and easy experience.

At Stickers and That, we can help you create customised QR code stickers for your bakery.

Whether you want to link to your website or social media pages, or even offer exclusive discounts or promotions, we can help you design stickers that meet your specific needs.

So why not take advantage of this marketing tool and add QR code stickers to your bakery’s packaging? Contact us today to learn more about our QR code sticker design services and start boosting your bakes with Stickers and That.

Last thoughts…

Keep in mind that your emails will be probably opened by 10-25% of your subscribers, that not everyone will see your social media posts BUT every single customer will see, touch and be seen with your packaging.

Packaging is an essential aspect of any bakery business, and customised cake box stickers offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and entice customers.

Whether you’re a sourdough startup or a doughnut diva, Stickers and That can help you make a product that sets you apart from the competition.

With attention to detail, consistency, and a focus on building trust and connection with your customers, personalised bakery labels from Stickers and That can help you boost your bakes and grow your business.

Want more branding?

Customised cake box stickers are an excellent way to boost your bakery’s branding, but there are other ways to make your business stand out.

Business cards, roller banners and flyers are all fantastic examples of how you can take your branding to the next level.

Business cards are a great way to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Not only do they provide your contact details, but they also showcase your brand and give customers a visual reminder of your delicious bakes.

Roller banners and flyers are perfect for events and markets. They can help you attract new customers and promote your brand to a wider audience.

By incorporating your logo and brand colours consistently across all your marketing materials, you can build recognition and create a cohesive brand identity.

So why not take advantage of these other branding opportunities and make your bakery stand out from the crowd?

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