Last month was our half birthday. In the 6 months we’ve been going we’ve amassed 2,300+ online followers organically and over 250 orders. 

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Firstly we want to thank all our customers, followers and whoever’s sent feedback. We appreciate all and hope we continue to impress and bring more business to all our customers.

Starting out we were looking at selling stickers only. 6 months later, already we’ve evolved into more than 12 popular products. While stickers have stayed our staple product, others such as work mats, branded folders and site boards have also proved to be very popular.

From the off we’ve been active on social media and like a laugh, our latest meme has had over 3,000 views!

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New Machinery

We started off with a simple print and cut solution which served a purpose but quickly ran its course in our really early days. We went from offering simple, cut out vinyl and A4 max size stickers with a high running cost. Following the investment we could print any size for our needs while using better medium to print on and a much better running cost. 

Following the big printer we decided to expand our offerings by purchasing a heat press and other equipment that  allowed us to produce branded mugs, the ever popular work mats as well as folders and site boards. 

We now offer an awesome starter pack for trades that are new to the game or existing trades that want a consistent message through a suite of marketing material. Our trades pack has been popular and is a great was to save money and see what we have to offer. You get the whole range other than workwear and save nearly £30!

Future Plans

Just this week we’ve made our biggest investment to date for a new product we’ll soon be offering in a couple months that’s guaranteed to shake up the market.

We’re continually looks for new and brilliant ideas to expand our range and improve our offerings. If there’s anything you’d like to see us do, comment on this post. 

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