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Create your own workwear pack. 5 tops, 2 jumpers, and 1 jacket. Includes your own logo and accreditation badge. Free Delivery. No Hidden Fees. £145,  Inc VAT.
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Create Your Own Workwear Pack. Includes Your Logo + Accreditation

⭐ Doesn’t Fade or Shrink Easily
✅ Embroidery or Print
👕 Quality proRTX Workwear
✅ True to Size, Comfort Fit

Our custom workwear pack includes 5x either t-shirt or polo, 2x hoodie or sweatshirt and 1x softshell jacket or gilet. This pack also includes your logo on the left breast and your accreditation logo on the right. If you’d like to swap out an accreditation logo for another popular logo not listed we can accomodate this.

All garments are from the proRTX brand, our preferred workwear supplier. Due to their quality, long-lasting workwear.

Will my logo look good on this item?
Please contact us and we can preview the logo in stitches and make any suitable recommendations.

Order Custom Workwear Pack

£145.00 inc. VAT

You’ll receive an email after placing your order requesting your logo and details for your new workwear pack.
We’ll respond within 1-3 days with your custom-made design for your approval.
You can request any changes until you’re 100% happy.

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