Our Story So Far

Here’s an overview of the growth of Stickers and That as a company. After a lot of hard work, late nights and new product testing. We’ve come a long way since 2017 and its a story better told over a beer but here we are anyway. 

We’ve served 1,000’s of customers along the way, big and small. We’d like to thank every single one of them for firstly trying a new company and for their repeat business throughout our time.

Looking back, its been a pleasure.

Our first printer in a back bedroom


The Start Of Something New

Here’s our first print and cut machine. We’d recently been testing the waters to see if people would be willing to buy, all feedback was positive and we noticed that we could do a better job of designing than close competition so we took the plunge.

Thank god we did…


First New Products Added

We started with normal stickers for servicing and for adding your logo to anything. We quickly realised that our domed stickers and branded radiator keys would be a great addition to our range. 

First New Products Added
More custom products added to our range


More Products Added

From the popularity of the preview products we didn’t stop there. We added some more products that are still our top sellers today…

We added work mats, folders and custom magnetic trays.

We won’t add many more product updated to our timeline as we proceeded to add a new product roughly every month.


New Premises

Finally a place to call home. We moved from the back bedroom of a 3 bed house in Alfreton to a unit in Clay Cross to house some additional machinery, stock of items and staff!

First Install of Clay Cross Unit
More custom products added to our range


Long Days & Late Nights

With the new premises and a proper base to work from, one of the directors Tom Goetz quit his main job and moved to Stickers and That full time! This was a big step for the company and allowed us to make our first hire in designing and soon after our second hire on production full time.

We we’re working through orders and improving our processes to become a more streamlined business.


Moving to Chesterfield

We outgrew the Clay Cross unit pretty quickly, it was just too small for stock and new production machinery and we we’re starting to step onto each other’s toes.

On we moved to Chesterfield from a small garage like unit to a 2 level office building at least 4 times the size.

This gave us more than enough room to add new machinery and grow the team with a good office space. We also kept the Clay Cross unit for storage of stock and for vehicle wrapping.

Chesterfield Move
We then added custom workwear


We Added Workwear

Workwear and workwear bundles were something we were keen to add from the start. If we wanted to be the go-to place for everything a tradesperson could need, we needed workwear.

With the new office and plenty of space, we used a lot up for our embroidery set-up. After learning the ropes and streamlining our processes our team had embroidery on lock in no time!


More Investment

Up until this point (and still to this day) we re-invest our profits into improving our processes, range of products and our team. Another important move was adding a UV flatbed printer, this allowed us to be more efficient and economical when making signage.

Timeline example 1 Stickers and That
Timeline example 2 Stickers and That


We Launch Tappio

In 2021 we got on board with a new technology, digital business cards and launched a brand specifically for this.

Digital cards allowed you to simply tap the card onto a modern smartphone and open a link, with the Tappio card you’d also get your own custom profile so the customer can call you, email, save your contact details or go to any link you like.


Our First Trade Show

Here’s a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at our first stand being set up at The Installer Show in Coventry. This was an exciting time for our company.

With our main customer base being tradespeople and more specifically plumbers The Installer Show was an obvious choice.

We got to meet, face-to-face many of our customers and got to showcase all our hard work up until this point. We had a great show and out of the stands of a similar size – we’re sure ours was the best!

We were happy enough to sign up to the next event in the NEC.

Our first exhibition
Timeline example 3 Stickers and That


New Machinery

We’re always on the look out for new technologies in industry and this one caught our eye, a digital die cutter. We moved all folder production and rounded business cards onto this machine which made production much quicker and easier.


Big Orders

Around this time, we we’re producing some of our biggest orders to date from many well-known brands. We’d become used to working with big companies within the plumbing and heating industry but another cool order we did was mesh banners for Wera to surround parts of go-kart tracks around the UK for their sponsorship of British Karting. 

We’re grateful that we continue to work with many large organisations with their print and workwear.

Timeline example 4 Stickers and That
Timeline example 5 Stickers and That


Website Update

It was about time to show the website some love. We updated the website with more of our ever-growing list of products whilst adding file upload functionality on orders and making it easier to navigate.

We made order management easier for us on the backend whilst having a better looking (and easier to use) website for customers.


Hello The NEC!

This time was at The NEC and from our early booking, we were positioned right by the entrance trying to catch as many people as possible coming in.

On the first day we set out 80% of that day’s giveaways, the doors opened at 9 and the giveaways were gone by 9:30!

Again, we booked for the following year.

Timeline example 6 Stickers and That
Timeline example 7 Stickers and That


Ryan Got Married

Not 100% Stickers and That related, but another day that won’t go forgotten…

Ryan (director) got married in August and Tom, the other director, was his best man. 


We Bought A Church!

Another day that won’t go forgotten easily is the day we won our next premises at auction. Its a historic building based in South Normanton that was built back in 1880.

It seems that many locals were happy that we didn’t plan to demolish the building but to re-purpose for our use. 

We got featured in Print Weekly, Derbyshire Telegraph and The Chad.

Timeline example 8 Stickers and That
Planning permission approved


Planning Permission Approved

Just before the Christmas break we received notice that our planning permission for a change of use for the church into a commercial property has been approved!

This is obviously fantastic news for Stickers and That and we can finally put all our plans into action like; creating a walk-in shop, super efficient workflows and make way for some game-changing new equipment for us.

More to come soon!

What's Next?

We have 100’s of plans circling around our heads for the future of Stickers and That.

And we’ve come a long way since starting back in 2017 and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

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