As a manufacturer you can perfect your product, make it as simple as possible to install and still be let down by a bad install. While the vast majority of installers do a perfectly good job and take care in their work. You don’t want your reputation and brand image to lie on the 1%  that don’t.

We suggest a required sticker on each install, showing the company that have installed and the branding of the product. Servicing details for the customer and contact information for the installer.

How to get installers place stickers? Offer stickers that are individually branded to the installer.

A sticker that displayed the product’s branding only does nothing for the installer apart from potential hassle. However provided stickers with both parties’ branding is a perfect solution. The installer will be happy to place the sticker in hope that they will earn repeat business from their own contact details on the sticker. Also, there will be a closer connection between manufacturer and installer if the stickers and provided for them.

It’s a win-win.

The manufacturer gets loyal, careful installers that are keen and happy installing products and the installer gets repeat business and an improved branding of their own for business as usual.

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