Plumber’s Marketing (Updated)


Sharing our knowledge of what’s best to use to gain more clients. This is our guide for plumber’s marketing start to finish.

We’re going to run you through proven things you can do now to improve the marketing for your plumbing business and get your name out there.

If you’re a small or large plumbing business, you’re going to need to do some marketing to take your business up a level.

Let’s start Marketing for Plumbers with the basics…

Get A Professional Logo


Something that is often overlooked. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but you want to be distinguishable. Let’s keep it short and run through a quick checklist. Your logo needs to be:

  • Bold
  • Unique
  • Identify what you do

The logo above is made by us for Chris Pringle Gas Solutions and has been used on many formats.

Have StickersAndThat make your logo.

See StickersAndThat creating a logo from scratch.

Now, what to do with it…

Plumbers Social Media Marketing

Social media is a must these days, its free to get going and most customers will search for you there before making a purchase.

We’ve had 300+ orders of high spend with 0 ad expenditure in the first 6 months of opening our doors using social media as our main source of traffic to our site. The bottom line is that social media is amazing when done right.

The first things to do are as follows.

Create a Facebook page, Facebook Marketing for Plumbers.

We recommend: Make sure your address is up to date and make your page a “service” page that way you can add a services tab with the price for customers. Posts should include a photo and create a storybook of work completed, schedule your posts often around 6-9pm for further reach.

Facebook is brilliant and free to start but does cost time. We understand that posting on your business’ Facebook is the last thing you want to do some days when you’ve just finished work, that’s why we suggest scheduling your posts when you have some downtime during the day. The most active times on Facebook generally are between 7-10 when most people are done for the day, hit them with your offer at this time to remind them to finally get their bathroom changed, or heating upgraded, you get the point.

Customers will be looking…

Often when making a big decision a customer will call on a recommendation but still check your social media (likely Facebook, being most popular for homeowners) to see previous work. Take quality pictures of your jobs, more the merrier, to post on Facebook this makes you look busy and shows off the quality service you provide. If a potential customer visits your page and you haven’t posted in a month they could go to someone who has. 

Visuals are key.

Posts that are text only get close to no engagement as a whole when compared with photos and video. We would always recommend posting with an image at least and something bright and bold. Like the ones you would click on… Take a look at a company that is doing well and do better. Videos are easy to make now with recent smartphones, boomerang by Instagram can take some simple clips and there are many apps that will create a slideshow from your photos. Use these to your advantage, because Facebook loves videos and will recommend your videos to friends of people that like your page.

Should you boost your posts? 

A difficult question. Ads on Facebook can work brilliantly, but it needs to be targeted. If you don’t target your ads you might as well throw your money away. Cost per engagement is important here, that is how many people click, view, like, comment or share your boosted post or ad. To get the best deal you need to first select the area that you can serve, start by entering your postcode and choose a mile radius. Now select your age and be picky, does someone under the age 18 care about a boiler replacement? No. Does someone under the age of 25? Most likely not, young people are usually first-time buyers and often will have 5-10 years of life left. 65+ age range is not worth the ad spend as engagement is nothing, go as high as 55. We’re after the most likely suspects here, pick a range you feel will work and roll with it.

Before you start the campaign, double-check punctuation, spelling, etc. Also, ask yourself, does the post answer the important question… How do I buy it?

Weigh up your costs.

How many boiler replacements will you need to do to cover your cost? Most likely one, so stick a healthy budget on there and see how it goes. It won’t be wasted if anything you’ll get likes from your target audience which will lead to sales in the future. Remember people don’t need a plumber every week but if they’re seeing posts from a good looking plumber every week they know who to call when they do. 

Get on Google. You will appear when customers search on maps and local listings.

We recommend: Use your logo, double check all your information here and it will affect your listings in local searches and you’ll have to wait for changes to take effect. Download the Google My Business app and do an occasional post, this will appear on search results for your business.

Having your business on Google is super important, within a few weeks of signing up you’ll receive a postcard through the mail with an activation code. Log back into your Google My Business account and enter your code. From then on you will appear in local listings and on Google Maps searches. You’ve probably seen this before, when your customer searches for your service nearby you will appear on the map as a business, generating calls and visits. Easy!

Google+ is generally not worth the effort, Google went through a stage of really trying to push the service but its looks like they’ve come to the conclusion that the users just aren’t there. We recommend to open a google+ account just to tick the box but don’t go out of your way to update and maintain the page because you just won’t acheive the same amount of view as with Facebook or Twitter. 

Make a Twitter account. Good for business and for a laugh.

We recommend: Don’t tweet generic posts that you wouldn’t like to read. Get involved on relevant hashtags like #TradesTalk and join the conversation, show your personality.

Get Instagram Famous. Instagram Marketing for Plumbers.

We aren’t IG famous ourselves and its not as simple as the title suggests, so let’s look at someone who is doing well.

View this post on Instagram

. #coloured #copperpipes #attic #pipes #plumber #plumbproud #pipeperfect

A post shared by Tony Dumble (@unequaled_heating) on

Unequaled heating, currently sitting at 15k followers, been in multiple publications and a sound guy. But how has he done so well on Insta?

Looking through his profile you’ll be able to see various images of quality piping work, personality and giveaways but not one image is a low-effort post. All images are good quality, often edited and have a text input too, this ups engagement on your posts and gets you appearing on friends of friends accounts. Hashtags can also get you more noticed from people searching topics but don’t be persuaded to spam tags on each post this is not likely to gain engaged followers.

Social Media Marketing for Plumbers Summary

Is it worth it? 100% yes. But you get out what you put in with social media, generic and low effort or repeated posts don’t do well. On the other hand well written, on trend and well-timed posts can go viral! It’s important to understand that its a slow burner, you most likely will not see returns on for a few weeks but keep at it and it’ll pay dividends. Remember that follower numbers aren’t the be all and end all, engagement is key. People that see, like, comment and message you from the posts you create help you grow and most importantly buy from you.

Once you’ve got comfortable with the above suggestions above you’ll want to look into email marketing for tradesmen, SEO for plumbers and getting your own plumber’s website.

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Let your customers sell for you!

Customers are likely to recommend you if you provide a good service, leave a cleaned space or if you exceeded their expectations. This isn’t fresh news but make their recommendation easy by leaving your business card, contact details or any marketing material you have at every job or quote you pursue.

Take pictures of jobs and post them on your social media. If you’re on Facebook make a “Boiler Installs” photo gallery so your potential customer can easily find what they want to see. You may not get many likes and shares on these photos, but 60% of customers check social media before making a purchase. So the people who you want looking at the photos, probably are.

Ask for an online review of your business, if you are not on CheckATrade or similar, offer your Google or Facebook page to review both of these options are free. But focus on one, reviews are good when they’re all in one area, having 20 here there and everywhere is not as good as 100 in one place. Pick where you’re getting the most calls from (because that’s the important figure) and go with that.

Physical advertising for plumbers

You should keep the same message that you portray with online marketing as you do with physical advertising. Often potential customers will check you out online before making a call or buying a service.

Leaflets, cheap and can be effective. Get some simple leaflets showing your service, what you offer at what price and post it through the neighbours of the jobs your working at. Answer their question before they’ve asked, make it simple for them!

folder and work mat

In the example above GHS heating solutions are using our domed stickers on the bottom corner of the boiler showing their contact number, they have the customer’s documentation in our branded folders and are using our work mats to protect the surface while installing. Portraying a good, professional image to their customer ensuring they get return custom.

Which products work?

Domed stickers are a brilliant way to keep your details visible to the customer. Our gel stickers protect your sticker from UV, flames, water and scratches so it will keep intact and bold. Place these stickers in clear view on your work, on the front of a boiler is the most commonplace. Our domed stickers are designed for free and only £15 for a sheet of approx. 30 stickers.

PON Heating domed stickers

Branded folders should be given with any and all customer documentation. Installing a boiler isn’t the end of a relationship with your customer. If your customer is needing any plumbing/gas work make your contact details convenient for them to find, right in their home.

Work Mats help you work professionally. They clearly show your details, logo and name while protecting the surface you are working above. Keeping a clean surface for your customer. Definitely one of our top 3 most popular products

Our Site Boards using the high definition printer we print on a plastic board that will clearly show your business. So far they’ve been used on sites, as billboards and at job locations.

Custom Site Board Example

If you’re considering buying items for plumber’s marketing, you may be interested in our Trades Starter Pack this includes 6 items with quality designs for each with a £27.50 saving.

Each one of these items is proven to serve an important and individual purpose and we recommend you to consider all when considering your marketing for plumbers.

Don’t Let Them Miss a Service

Stress the importance of servicing when you install a boiler. When you come to servicing make it worthwhile for you and the customer. That means to charge a fair price for you but give a fair service to the customer.

We’ve all heard horror stories of bad servicing, don’t be that guy! Whether you’ve had a long week or not, it is important you maintain your image of good quality of service and professionalism as this is what most homeowners will judge the work on.

We also recommend a service sticker on the front of the boiler, noting the next due service with a date, so it is clear and important. So the customer expects you on the day. Also, if ever there is a problem with the boiler in the future, who would they call? The number on the front of it of course! No competing on Google searches, Check-A-Trade or any other service.

Are compare sites worth it for plumbers?

Many trader sites have a mixed response but you may just have the wrong approach. Most charge a fee monthly/quarterly to be on there but the extra jobs and reputation they bring can give a good return on your investment. Customers care about the reviews they see online, after all your probably working on their home, they want to make sure its going to be looked after. Here are our tips:

  • Stick to one only. Better to have many reviews in one place than scattered reviews everywhere ensure that you send your customers the automated review request
  • Make sure your clients know that can review you online and suggest that they do so
  • Ensure your information is up to date and correct

Which trader comparison site is best?

90% of the business gained through these sites are Google searches such as “Plumber in <your area>” “Fix a broken boiler <your area>” so to find the best site suited for you, search for the larger cities/towns that you cover for terms like previously mentioned with the largest populated 6-10 areas that you cover.

From these searches note down where the comparison sites appear organically (see infographic below). In example below, ratedpeople would not be recommended, yes technically they appear second in search results overall but once the ad send is moved to another area they’ll disappear.

Google Search Explained

To be honest, is likely to be top, they rank very well for a lot of searches. So if you’re stuck, take a look there.

But what if I get a bad review?

If anything it makes you look more genuine. But without a service like this customers don’t have the incentive to review so yes you may get a bad one but you most certainly will receive more good most trades aren’t in it for doing a bad job!

Nowadays people appreciate a good service and are happy to share online their experience. If you’re providing a good service, you will receive good reviews. Disputes will happen and it can’t be helped but so long as you handle the situation correctly often you can change a negative review to positive and leave on good terms.

stickers and that review

Start On Your Marketing for Plumbers Now

Act now. Plumber’s marketing is not an overnight process so waste no time in getting started.

You’re online now, so set up your online profiles. Make sure all information is correct, send a tweet or post on Facebook make sure you look active.

That’s all for the fundamentals of marketing for plumbers, we’ve tried to keep this slightly short but sweet and will go into the details of each in further posts.

If you have any enquiries regarding Stickers And That services, feel free to email or message us on your favourite social media platform. We check them all regularly.

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